Aroma Beads - Use in a bowl or in our organza bag sachets
Sachets for car, lingerie drawer, locker, gym bag, golf bag, closet


Cinnamon Bay Candles makes Aroma Beads that are among the strongest you will find.  We don't just scent them; we scent them to the max that they can possibly absorb.  This allows our Aroma Beads to be long lasting.

Available in a variety of scents.


Aroma Bead Sachet



3 x 4" sachet bag of aroma beads in your choice of bag color and scent.


Aroma Beads By The Ounce

 Aroma Beads by the ounce




Aroma Beads are available in 3x4 sachets or by the ounce without sachets.  Great for use in cars, lingerie drawers, lockers, gym bags - anyplace that can use a little aroma help.  The beads may also be used in bowls or in your vacuum to help freshen the bag.