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With no open flame, a tart warmer is great where there are children or pets around, for teachers, students or in nursing homes where a flame is prohibited.  You can even put our large tart warmers on a counter or on the highest surface in the room and still have the scent of a candle without ever worrying about whether or not you blew the candle out or wondering if little hands are grabbing for it.


We carry three types of warmers:

One large bowl tart warmers is a 2 piece style with a warming plate to warm your wax melts. 

The combo style electric tart warmer is a 2 piece style with a warming plate to warm your wax melts but this style has a wider warming plate that you can actually use as a candle warmer also.

Then there is a small bowl wall plug in tart warmer.  Great for out of the way places or where there is no counter space available, this is also a 2 piece style that warms with a small light bulb.   It will not scent as strongly as our larger warmers but is great for single room scenting.


We know that as soon as you try one - you'll be hooked!  We carry a variety of soy wax tart bar melts for your tart warmer in all of your favorite scents.  

*We do not Wholesale our tart warmers as we do not make them ourselves)