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Take a little luxury with you wherever you need a burst of beautiful scent.  The scented soy filled flowerpot candle holds 3.2 oz of the most fragrant soy wax that you will ever smell.

This little gem is the perfect size to scent any small space and great for gift giving.  Tuck a few in a gift basket for that special someone or treat yourself; you'll be glad you did.



Burning Directions:  Please burn your candles safely!

  • Always trim your wicks to between 1/8" and 1/4"  before lighting your candle. 
  • Candle jars become hot during burning.  Burn your candles on a heat resistant surface.
  • Keep from children and pets. 
  • Remove any wick trimmings, matches or other foreign matter from the wax pool.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep from burning in drafts.
  • Never blow your candle out.  Use a wick dipper to extinguish flame.  Blowing hot wax can damage surfaces the wax comes in contact with.
  • Should you see soot or the flame becomes too high - extinguish candle.  After the candle cools, trim wick to proper length and relight.
  • Your candles are meant to be burned 1 hour for each inch in diameter.  A 4" diameter candle should be burned for 4 hours or until the melt pool is from edge to edge of the candle.